Confidentiality: It’s important to us…

The team at GMO feel confidentiality is the most important aspect utilised to protect the Seller.
On your behalf, as our Seller, GMO requires prospective Buyers looking at your business to be professional, discreet and to respect the confidentiality of the business they are investigating.

Buyers are made aware that selling a business is a vulnerable time for a business owner because putting a business on the market may unsettle staff as well as suppliers and clients, causing possible damage to the business. GMO requires all prospective Buyers to co-operate in having information treated confidentially.

Confidentiality may mean being unable to meet or talk to the business’s staff, suppliers or clients until the offer is close to being “unconditional”. As your agent, GMO will consult with you and follow your instructions on how restrictive and secretive you wish your sale process to be.

Sell your business with confidence, contact GMO today.

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