Perth’s Business Valuation Experts

The decision to seek advice on the valuation of a business is not one you should take lightly.

After years of dedication and hard work in building your business, you have a right to be cautious – and to be sure of getting the very best advice.

Similarly, if you’re seeking assistance from the viewpoint of a purchaser regarding a possible acquisition, you need technically sound advice that is in touch with the realities of today’s West Australian marketplace – and not just a textbook interpretation. Whilst accountants, solicitors, migration agents, family court practitioners and bankers are acutely aware of the need to direct clients wisely, they’re unlikely to have the time available to thoroughly research your business divestment or acquisition. As a consequence they’re likely to advise you to seek the advice of a specialist such as GMO, WA’s most prominent Business Brokerage – for a Valuation Report.

GMO perform an in-depth examination of several years trading, have an understanding of the business conditions for the type of business in that period, can make a judgement on the prospective position of the industry and have an understanding of the economy and how the business being valued will compete in the marketplace.

Who should you contact for a business valuation? GMO, Western Australia’s largest and most established business broking firm.

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